Updated: May 2023

Charlotte Fielding head and shoulders. In this picture I'm outside in a garden, I have ombre brown and blonde hair, I'm wearing a navy tshirt and glasses, and I'm smiling.

Current projects

  • Writing essays about history and culture and sometimes personal stories on Substack. Come and join me!
  • I do a lot of freelance copywriting these days. Most of it is uncredited so I can’t post links here, but if you’re looking for a freelancer please get in touch and I can send you samples!
  • Still working on my literary novel. Set in the 1980s in rural Aotearoa, about two teens, one who is desperate to leave home and the other who is forced to. Featuring sheep farming, arson, and complex family dynamics.
  • You can often find me on TikTok these days, talking about writing and whatever else takes my fancy.


I work full time as a communications specialist for an IT company.


My days are filled with work, writing, reading, parenting, my dog, and going to pub quiz every week. My son is 13, so I am more careful these days what I write about him. I could do with a bit more sleep, and also a million dollars. I recently archived most of my blog as I write more on Substack these days. I haven’t done comics for a while but I have a new idea in the works that will involve art again.

Bus house

I built my own tiny home in a 6.3m bus, and lived in it for 8 months with my son and our dog and cat. More links to that story on my published writing page. I didn’t manage to buy a house and we live in a flat again, but I’m still working on it.


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