Updated: November 2019

My kitten, Juniper, likes naps too.


I’m currently studying design at Victoria University of Wellington, with the aim of moving into book design and illustration.

I finished my BA in anthropology in 2017 and went straight into architecture in 2018. Architecture wasn’t the right path for me (so I switched to design this year) but it taught me how to communicate visually instead of always relying on wordy words.


I work full time as a comment moderator, which is as trash as you’d imagine, and as a weekend host at Katherine Mansfield House & Garden, a small Victorian-era museum, the birthplace of one of NZ’s most famous writers, which is wholesome as heck.


Last year I finally realised I didn’t have to be good at art to do comics, and I also realised I enjoy drawing. So I now make comics for fun.

Current projects

Some of the projects I’m working on in my spare time (hahahaha) are: an illustrated middle-grade novel feat. my son’s alter-ego, an illustrated history of Wellington, and a couple of children’s picture books.


My days are filled with writing, drawing, reading, parenting, housework, walking the dog, and pub quiz every Thursday night. My son is nearly 10, so I am more careful these days what I write about him. (He checks the comics that feature him before I put them online.) I could do with a bit more sleep, and also a million dollars.

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