Updated: November 2020


I work part time for an amazing human rights organisation, doing admin and design. I also work part time as a comment moderator, which is as trash as you’d imagine. I’d like to work full time in human rights, but y’know: NGO funding being what it is, that might take a while.

My kitten, Juniper, likes naps too.


I quit my second degree (design) after the NZ Covid-19 lockdown finished. Theoretically I had time to study. But my head wasn’t in the right space, on account of being afraid of dying, and the world being in chaos, and working full time while having my son home from school during the lockdown. It was a hard decision to stop studying, but I’m glad I did. I may pick it up again one day.

I finished my BA in anthropology in 2017 and went straight into architecture in 2018. Architecture wasn’t the right path for me (so I switched to design) but it taught me how to communicate visually instead of always relying on wordy words.


Last year I finally realised I didn’t have to be good at art to do comics, and I also realised I enjoy drawing. So I now make comics for fun.

Current projects

Some of the projects I’m working on in my spare time (hahahaha) are: an illustrated middle-grade novel featuring my son’s alter-ego, and a novel set in ’80s New Zealand featuring arson and sheep farming.


My days are filled with writing, drawing, reading, parenting, housework, walking the dog, and pub quiz every week. My son is 10, so I am more careful these days what I write about him. (He checks the comics that feature him before I put them online.) I could do with a bit more sleep, and also a million dollars.

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